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Niche Recruitment

(National and International)

The Recruitment & Placement services offered include sourcing candidates that meet your specifications, pre-screening applicants, and following up on their references provided.

Candidates undergo a preliminary interview via telephone and personally where applicable, in addition to an extensive application questionnaire to be completed prior to your consideration.

Human Resource Hosting

Enjoy added benefits from a monthly retainer service, for companies that require a more hands-on approach.

Select from one of our 8 custom packages to suit your business needs as you expand your client base.

We will take care of various aspects of your backbone work allowing you more time to focus on your clients. Services include recruitment, placements, human resource legalities, payroll administration, bargaining council negotiations, monthly financial reports, marketing strategy to name a few. Please contact us for package details. 


We can assist in consulting with you on the various aspects of Human Resources, Industry Trends, Brands and Distributors, Treatments, and Costings as well as ideas to enhance your business and offerings.

Training and Workshops

In October 2017 we launched an exciting workshop enabling applicants personalized and hands-on training on the products and procedures of operating the front desk of a Salon or Spa. 

Aptly dubbed EDU-Spa, we seek to empower and advance any candidate with the education and confidence of the industry in areas of Admin, Sales, Retail, Guest Relations or any other avenue relating to client-centricity.

Turn-Key Financial Solutions

We can assist you with:

- Personal & or Business Income Tax

- Monthly Reports & Stats


- Statutory Payments

- Accounting

- General Bookkeeping

Marketing & Social Media Hosting

If the thought of Social Media and trends are concerning you - we are here to put your minds at ease. We adore the power of social media!

Offering you guidance on marketing tools, designs, social media hosting, a crash course on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, we are here to take your business to the next level.

Education & Accreditation Guidance

Ensuring your staff are on-trend. and fully qualified is our top priority.

Have you considered becoming a corporate member and joining the leading industry organizations of South Africa & Internationally and branding your business as a recognized establishment. 

Business Start-Up Guidance

So you want to open a Spa or a Salon?

Whom do you hire? What services do you offer? Which Brands do you stock?

All these questions can pose a concern to any new business owner. 

Let us assist you in brand recommendations, trends, costs, and staffing solutions. 


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